Heartwood ReSources

Meet the Team

Marla Zoeter, General Manager

Heartwood Resources’ General Manager Marla Zoeter has worked at the building supply store since it opened in 2002.  A long-time TANF recipient with what she describes as an “extensive” criminal record, Marla remembers the second chance that Heartwood ReSources gave her, and how she was able to leverage that with the financial capability and mutual self-help housing programs offered by NeighborWorks Umpqua.  As manager, Marla strives to extend that same opportunity to her staff; she continues to hire people at the margins of the labor market and has a knack for helping them become productive workers. Marla also served on the Umpqua Community Action Network (UCAN) Board of Directors for eleven years.

She is responsible for the strategic direction of the organization and for making business management and operations decisions.

Daniel Rider, Assistant Manager

Heartwood Resources’ Assistant Manager Daniel Rider has worked at the building supply store since May 2018.  Prior to that, Daniel graduated from Umpqua Community College with an Associate’s degree in Applied Science concentrating on Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Health Informatics. At Heartwood ReSources, Daniel is responsible for setting work schedules for staff, communications and Information Technology (IT), ordering supplies, and making decisions about what needs to be ordered, and the basic running of the store. Daniel also enjoys working with volunteers. Heartwood utilizes volunteers from Goodwill Industries, Sunrise Enterprises, Advantage Staffing, UCC Jobs, and others who just want to contribute their labor. “The volunteers are always willing to learn new things. That helps motivate me to keep learning.  And I’ve always loved teaching people new things.”


Joe DeLeon, Donations Pick-Up Driver

Joe Deleon’s very first job was at Heartwood Resources.  He came to Heartwood in 2011 from the Umpqua Training and Employment On-the-Job Training Program.  His initial job at Heartwood was sorting, cleaning, and displaying donated items. Joe was promoted to Donations Pick-Up Driver in 2014. In that position, he schedules the delivery of donations to the store and makes pick-ups.  Joe also operates heavy equipment for Heartwood, including the forklift and reach machine. Joe shares about his work, “During deliveries and pick-ups, you never know what you’re going to see and who you’re going to meet. There is something new each day.”  Joe lives in Roseburg, is married, and is the proud father of two daughters.

Cody King, Retail Clerk

Cody King has been at Heartwood Resources for just over one year.  He started as a volunteer through the Umpqua Community College Jobs Training Program while he worked as a stay-at-home dad, caring for his son Alexander. Alexander is outgoing and readily shares that he lives with cerebral palsy. Cody also has a younger daughter, Felicity.

As a Retail Clerk, Cody cashiers, helps customers find what they’re looking for, and assists with donation intake.  Says Cody, “It’s really cool how much stuff we keep out of the landfill.  And the materials we sell help people do projects that they couldn’t otherwise afford.  Heartwood has a great inventory.  It’s like a candy store for adults!”

John Miller, Pick-Up Associate

John Miller has been at Heartwood Resources for just over five years.  He was hired on as a Pick-up Associate, a position well-matched with his background as a millwright, mechanic, and tire specialist.  John helps take care of the vehicles at Heartwood ReSources, navigates for pick-ups, and assists in loading and unloading donations.  Along with his co-workers on pick-up duty, John brings in donations throughout the year.  This is especially important in the winter when the weather gets bad and others don’t want to get wet.  “Our donations are the bread and butter of our revenue,” says John.

In his spare time, John is building a ‘73 Harley Davidson Sportster; he also enjoys touring on his motorcycles.  John has been married for over thirty years and has four kids and nine grandkids.

Shawn Parret, Donation Receiver

Shawn Parret has been at Heartwood Resources for six years. He started as a volunteer through the Umpqua Training and Employment On-the-Job Training Program; he is now the Donation Receiver. In addition to receiving donations, Shawn makes decisions about pricing and settles pricing disputes with customers. Before coming to Heartwood ReSources, Shawn worked at Grocery Outlet as a Freight Manager and Floor Manager.

Outside of work, Shawn is an avid bowler. He participates in league play three times a week, including the travel league. Shawn came by bowling as a child when his family lived next to a bowling alley. He fondly remembers his first “300 game” when he was sixteen. And he shares that he is one “perfect game” away from a total of thirty. Wow!

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