Heartwood ReSources

About Us

Heartwood ReSources is a nonprofit deconstruction and salvage company and retail store. Our 15,660 sq. ft. warehouse is open to construction businesses and the public.

Established in October 2001 to enhance the livability of our greater Douglas County, Heartwood ReSources fulfills environmental stewardship and economic development strategy designed to reduce the impact on the county’s landfill. At the same time, we provide low-cost building supplies to residents of Oregon, helping to keep home rehab and energy costs affordable for low and moderate-income people, a well as a resource for professional builders, contractors, home improvement, and craft enthusiasts.

For every dollar you spend at Heartwood, you eliminate over 1 pound of waste.

By shopping at Heartwood, you helped us save over 197 tons of construction material from the landfill in 2020.

Douglas County landfill where we saved over 197 tons of construction material in 2020.

Heartwood ReSources not only provides affordable building materials, but also jobs and job training, and public education on environmental stewardship.

The deconstruction of homes, barns, and buildings and the salvage of wood and many other home improvement materials for resale is reducing the impact on our local landfill. Reselling salvaged materials also provides affordable lumber and materials for low-income households who wish to build, repair, or renovate their homes.

Meet the Team

Find a little bit of history inside Heartwood

Outside Heartwood: Original wall from Wincester Dam
Vintage mid-1930's heater
Early 1920s and Victorian era artifacts
The original safe from the Rose Hotel, 1925.
Melted metal shows the heat intensity of the Medford fires in 2020.
Part of the elevator from the 1909 Grand Hotel. In 2002, NeighborWorks Umpqua acquired the property and restored it to house residents and businesses today.

Come See Us

We are open:

Monday – Saturday: 9:00 – 5:30
Donation Hours: 9:00 – 5:00