Heartwood ReSources

Donate Your Used Building Materials

Household goods and usable building materials of all kinds are accepted. Heartwood ReSources depends on generous donations to help eliminate waste and reduce emissions in our community.  All donations are tax-deductible, and a tax receipt is available at our retail store.

Donations can be dropped off at our retail store from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday.

Over 197 tons of building materials were repurposed through our store in 2020 alone.

For every dollar you spend at Heartwood, you eliminate over 1 pound of waste.

Benefits of Recycling Building Materials

Recycling and reclaiming your deconstructed, salvaged, usable building materials is a good idea because:

  • It keeps building costs low
  • It is good for the environment
  • Saves natural resources
  • It helps extend the life of our landfill
  • Donations are tax-deductible

Douglas County Oregon imposes a Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste fee of $60 per ton for all materials not put in the recycle stream. So not only does recycling your building materials make environmental sense, it saves you money too.

Donated trailer to transport more donations

Donations Accepted

The tiles have to be complete and unused without any mortar or adhesive.

  • Double pane vinyl, wood, and aluminum windows with seals intact. Fogged/broken seals not accepted.
  • Multi-pane wood frame windows.
  • Fixed-pane windows over 25 sq. ft. at staff discretion.

  • Minimum length 4’ in usable condition. Shorter pieces sorted into firewood length.
  • Lumber with nails accepted at staff discretion. Must be de-nailed enough for safe handling.
  • Lumber with no infestations, dry rot, mold or excessive paint peeling.
  • Plywood sheets-1/4 sheet and larger. Not warped, delaminated or have rotten edges.


Heartwood collects usable paint, both new and used. We are a certified drop-off site for used paint. This is a state-sponsored recycling program known as PaintCare.  We take all architectural paint and paint products and either resell them or ship them to the appropriate recycling facilities. This provides residents with an affordable and convenient system to dispose of unwanted paint leftovers.

Recycling requirements:

  • The container must have the manufacturer’s label.
  • Paint must be liquid and containers at least 3/4 full.
  • No rusty or leaking containers.
  • No chemicals.

Commercial paints, like automotive and equipment paint, is not part of this program. However, Heartwood ReSources will accept paint outside of the recycling program on a case-by-case basis.

  • Must be clean.
  • No chips, cracks, severe strain or deep scratches.
  • Odd colors accepted at staff discretion.
  • Low flow 1.6 gallons per flush or less.
  • Vintage sinks, toilets and claw foot tubs accepted in restorable condition.
  • Toilets must be clean and complete; no broken parts.
  • Hardware and tools that are in working condition.
  • Sheet goods (half-sheets OK). No warped or moisture-damaged pieces.
  • Vinyl flooring. No warped or moisture-damaged pieces.
  • Drapery hardware.
  • Furnaces less than 5 years old, in working condition.
  • Appliances less than 5 years old. Clean and in good working condition.
  • Appliances accepted at the retail store at staff discretion.
  • Wood stoves post 1986 and DEQ certified.
  • Baseboard heaters (newer styles with radiant oil heat only).

Schedule a Free Donation Pick-up

Pick up is available for large donations at staff discretion. Send us your request below or call us at 541-679-1777.


Please note that Heartwood ReSources cannot accept items that are not suitable for resale. At times we may decline donations due to large inventories of the same item in our store. 

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